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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Reuse Those Old Ziplock Bags.

It’s a conundrum! What to do with all those old plastic ziplock bags?

If you’re thinking about your Ziplock Stash (most of us have them!) and what to do with them now you’re using plastic alternatives, here’s an idea.

First, make sure they’re clean and dry (mine go through multiple washes), and grab all the sizes you have and a permanent marker pen to write the contents on the bag.

Are You An Eco Worrier?

Use ziplocks to:

  • Keep small puzzles together.
  • Separate craft materials.
  • Separate LEGO bits and sets.
  • Label and categorise tights and pantyhose.
  • Keep techy things and their cables together (I use them for my phones back up battery & cable)
  • Keep small packets of food fresher.

Stuff – You’ve been closing ziplock bags all wrong.

  • Keep necklaces from tangling – one per tiny bag.
  • Keep a stash of business cards in your glove box.
  • Keep packets of garden seeds fresher longer.
  • Separate smaller Christmas decorations.
  • Keep instruction books, warrantees and receipts together.
  • Hold the filters and accessories from your vacuum together.

I’d love to know what you use ziplocks for, share in the comments!


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