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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ The Luxury Of Empty Space.

Do you always see a space in a cupboard or drawer and want to fill it with it something?

I’ve had decluttering clients feel positively uncomfortable because there’s empty space in their pot drawer, their linen cupboard has so much room they could fit several more sets of….

Think of the very top boutiques you’ve seen, there’s usually just a few selected items to browse through and lots of clean, clear open space. Special things are highlighted, enjoyed, admired.

There’s a reason houses for sale are staged with the minimum of furniture for open homes.

It’s easy to see the space and to move around. Rooms look bigger and lighter, and we love to imagine ourselves living in such a clear, spacious, uncluttered home.

The reason we declutter is because we feel overwhelmed by too much stuff. Maintaining a clutter free home means valuing the space between things.

Resist the temptation to fill empty space in your home or empty time in your life.

It’s a luxury.

Admire it, enjoy it, treasure it.


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