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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Jeans.

How do you like to store your jeans?

The nature of jeans can be an odd one, different from more formal clothes and not quite track-pants-casual.

However you categorise them, they need to be convenient to pull out and easy to put away.

If you are a smart jeans aficionado, you’ll probably prefer to iron and hang, especially your best jeans.

But if you prefer to fold straight from the wash you might find piles of jeans just don’t work for you. Lifting the top pairs to get the one you want to wear today can be annoying and create a mess.

Folding your jeans File Style and store them side by side. This might mean assigning a drawer just to jeans or buying baskets or shelf dividers to give them support.

Or half fold and roll Sausage Style. Easy to stack in small cube storage and easy to pull out the one you want.

And they’ll look so much Tidier…

Happy organising!


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