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Declutter your home with this handy checklist from The Tidy Lady & Chorus.

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Decluttering Checklist!

You’ve started decluttering! Hurray! And you have a Thing in your hand, or in your sights…

What now? How do you decide to toss or keep?

I’ve whipped up a Really Short Checklist (got to love checklists!) that you can apply to any item that is difficult to make a decision about.

All questions apply to you AND all family members:

  • Is it broken, chipped, stained, have a hole in it, is it worn out or just grotty?
  • Would I (or they) buy this exact same thing if I went out shopping today?
  • Would it cause a problem in my daily life I didn’t have this item?
  • Is this item really worth the space it’s taking up in my house?
  • Is this item adding value to my life right now?
  • Do I absolutely love it or truly need it right now?
  • Is there something else that can replace it?
  • Is the result consistent with my vision for this space?

If there’s another one, or two or three just like it, you haven’t used it in a year and you don’t absolutely LOVE it, then it’s probably best sent to a new home.

If it’s still in excellent condition donate it. Remember this – Would You Buy It? If it’s a yes then donate it!

Have fun decluttering!


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