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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Get This done BEFORE The School Holidays!

Secret Mum (or Dad) Business…

Unless you have holiday programs to keep the kids occupied, if you possibly can it’s best to do any decluttering and removal of un-needed things from the home during school time.


Little hands and minds need to be kept busy. If you’re distracted from your task it might never get done, or even turn out worse!

Little eyes are quick. The moment they see a thing they like the look of or vaguely remember, they’ll want to keep it. Even if it’s a broken bit of crappy plastic toy, covered in dust that they tossed under the bed.

Little eyes are greedy. If you take them to the Op Shop with you, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re going to see something they want. It might be on the shelf or in the bags you’re donating!

Make the job of decluttering a little easier on yourself. You know your children, you know what they love and want to keep. Don’t waste the precious time you’ve found to manage the stuff in your home, make sensible decisions and get that un-needed stuff out of your house.

Remember YOU are the adult in charge of managing your home.


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