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Scheduling With Online Printable’s (They’re Free!)

Simple is good.

Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to keep track of your family and personal schedule with a pen and paper.

If it’s always in the same place, everyone who needs to see it can and no one has to turn on a computer or track down a spreadsheet and it doesn’t matter if you mess it up!

Keep it on the fridge, kitchen counter, your desk or slip it in your laptop bag.

Use one of the 100’s of pre-formatted templates or create your own with the customisable time schedule templates.

  • Easily adapted to habit tracking
  • Recording medications and supplements
  • Ensuring carers, au pairs and babysitters stick to routines
  • Fitness goal tracking
  • Simple scheduling, especially if you use coloured pens, it’s more fun that way too!

Do you have any other ideas on how we might use printable schedules? Just pop your idea in the comments.

Happy scheduling!


~ The templates on the website I’ve linked to above were generously provided by a kind, anonymous software developer who also thinks simple is good.

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