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5 Super Easy Things To Declutter For Spring (Or Anytime)

Spring Cleaning. It used to be something everyone did, but now it’s more often a feeling we have. A feeling like the need to tidy some spaces. Maybe move the furniture around, change bedcovers & cushions or get stuck into the garden.

It’ll soon be time to open all the doors and windows and let the sunshine in!

It’s all about a fresh start. A change over from the snuggly, cosy warmth of our home in winter, to the summer lifestyle we love.

For most Aucklanders it’s not a huge change. We don’t have to take down storm shutters or put away our snow boots. In fact most of us don’t really notice much of a difference between the seasons. Except for the rain of course.

But we feel like we should do something. So here are a few things you can tackle that will make you feel good AND it’ll look great when you’re done. Let’s declutter!


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What makes these things Super Easy?

You’re only going to do one small bit at a time and then stop (if you want.) You can always go back and do another one, another time. It’s all about EASY. Super Easy.

And the choice to keep or not is pretty straightforward. If it’s not, don’t tackle that thing, just put it back!

Bathroom Products.

Super quick and easy. Sometimes also annoying, I’ll tell you why in a sec. Most bathrooms have a few drawers and maybe a cupboard or two. Include products you have stored somewhere else. Choose one cupboard, shelf or drawer at a time. This is the Super Easy Method:

  1. Put your glasses on, or get some craft glasses or a magnifying glass and a cleaning cloth.
  2. Check the expiry date on each product you pick up.
  3. Toss out the expired products. Make a shopping list if you need to replace them.
  4. Give anything that’s still good a bit of a wipe, because things get sticky.
  5. Group similar things together. Hair stuff together, make up together.
  6. Get some containers if necessary, especially for small things. Old plastic containers are fab for this and cheap.

The annoying part is how many things are expired. Grrrr.

Your Pantry.

Similar to above. Often mind-boggling rather than annoying. E.g. How did we end up with 5 open nutbutters, 3 packets of bay leaves from 2015 and what the heck is that, it smells so BAD! Work from the top down, one shelf at a time.

  1. Glasses, magnifying glass… could they make these dates any smaller?! Cleaning cloth.
  2. Check the expiry date on each product in the drawer or shelf.
  3. Toss out expired products. Make a shopping list if you need to replace them.
  4. Give anything that’s still good a bit of a wipe, because things get sticky.
  5. Group similar things together. Most pantry shelving has annoyingly deep or tall bits. Take advantage of them by stacking up and making rows front-to-back of duplicates.
  6. Get some cute containers or turntables if necessary.

This can be a great job for a teen or other adult in the house. I’ve found they’ve quite enjoyed it, once they know exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Your Fridge.

Who has time right? In fact, is there ever a good time to clean the fridge when you’re busy? This is how I clean mine:

Work from the top down, one shelf at a time. I will clean a single shelf one day, then another on a different day, eventually it all gets clean.

  1. Glasses, magnifying glass… Cleaning cloth, your fav disinfectant.
  2. Take out everything on your chosen shelf.
  3. Check the date and toss out expired products. Make a shopping list if you need to replace them.
  4. Wipe the entire space, top to bottom and take the shelf out if necessary. Wipe anything that’s still good, because… sticky.
  5. Group similar things together.
  6. Get some cute containers or turntables if you have the room.
  7. Close the door and walk away. Do another shelf another day, or keep going!


Ever seen a “The Desk Sweep” in a movie? It’s that scene where the hero or baddie are very angry indeed and with one arm sweep everything off their desk onto the floor!

It’s an option… But it might be better to just choose one surface like your bedside table and take everything off, (carefully.) The Super Easy Method is:

  1. Take everything off the surface. Give it a quick clean and admire it’s gorgeous emptiness.
  2. Decide what MUST live there.
  3. Choose cute containers if necessary.
  4. Put back and arrange your must-have’s so the surface looks wonderful.
  5. Find a home or toss what’s left over.

Wardrobe Change-over.

Let’s tackle the biggie right now: Because of these Strange Times, it’s possible you haven’t needed to wear a good chunk of the clothes in your wardrobe. So don’t stress. I’m not going to suggest you throw out things you haven’t worn this season. Unless you want to.

BUT – this is a fabulous opportunity to make some decisions. Especially if you’re going to soon be wearing clothes you haven’t needed for a while.

The seasonal change-over is always a good opportunity for a bit of a weed and sort. Kids will have grown out of their clothes, or suddenly hate them. And you may have changed too. If you don’t fit some of your fav clothes at the moment, but are determined you will, don’t toss them.

This is meant to be easy, so don’t stress. If you can’t make a decision about something, just keep it for now.

  1. Get a bag or a box and keep it in your bedroom (or in the hall for the family to add to.)
  2. When you look at, lay your hands on or try on a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing and you do not feel good about it, toss it in the box.
  3. That’s pretty much it really. We live in an amazing time, when we can have the most fabulous clothes delivered to our door in days. You can always get something better, if you’re not sure if you should toss it.

One key thing to think about – does it have dust on it. Hmmmm. This might be telling you something!

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