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The True Cost of Being Disorganised.

Your Energy And You.

We only have so much energy. Not being able to find the things you need, to just run your life on a daily basis, drains your precious energy.

You’re busy. There’s work and study and kids and family and friends and housework, maintaining your home and garden, keeping track of bills, the dog and the cat… it never ends!

Always running late for things because you can’t find something you need? Giving up on a project because you have to open THAT cupboard? Energy drain! (and enthusiasm drain too.)

If you have to get down on your hands and knees to scrabble through your plasticware every single morning, or yell at the kids to find their lunch boxes, that’s a drain on your energy.

Instead of hunting for things, make them so easy to find that you fly through your days and end up with time on your hands.

If you need something in a hurry, it’s important. From hairbrushes to water bottles, your keys to the perfect pair of pants for your daughter’s outfit, if you can’t find it easily and that drains your energy, it’s important enough to organise.

Make your life so easy that you have energy to spare. Use that energy for the things you REALLY want to do.

How Being Tidy Saves You Money.

Small things are a pain in the neck. They get lost easily and some small things are really expensive!

I’ve had clients who’ve lost night vision goggles (for safari trips), their mother’s wedding ring and thousand’s in expired cheques (different clients, thank goodness.) All due to being disorganised. From the expense to the heartbreak of the loss, it could have been avoided with some practical organisation.

Even simple things like knowing how much Nutella you’ve got will save you money. You purge your pantry and find yourself with 4 open jars of expired peanut butter, funny smelling bottles of expensive oils from 2015 and a crate load of stale fancy crackers. In the bin it all goes. What a waste.

What if everything had a place? And you knew exactly where that was. You could tell at a glance if you were out of shampoo or had three bottles you bought on special. No need to buy any more!

Think of the money you’ll save if you knew exactly where that black cardi is when you need it next.

No more rushing out to buy things you already own!

Are You Just Really Annoyed?

Do you growl at your junk drawer every time it gets stuck? Loathe looking for things in your linen cupboard? Get really frustrated yanking clothes out of your wardrobe?

Fair enough! Isn’t it annoying? It puts you in a bad mood. It might even built up to the point where you’re snapping at people because you’re always basically irritated by your home!

Wouldn’t it be blissful to be able to put your hand on exactly what you need when you need it? Just imagine it… you need a particular screwdriver to fix something. All your tools are in a handy place. They’re labelled so you know which is which or you can see them instantly. You grab the right size and fix the thing. JUST LIKE THAT!

And of course you pop it back in it’s place so that easy breezy “I’ll just grab a screwdriver” thing you just did happens every, single time.

Get organised so you barely have to think about it.

Bring peace to your home.

Getting and staying organised can change your life. Over time you’ll save money, energy and time and be in a better mood!

Liz The Tidy Lady

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