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Reset your Home For A Brand New Year.

It’s a New Year, thank goodness! Most of us have this vision of a brand new start. Everything will be better! We’ll get ourselves sorted and this year will SO much easier.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you woke up one day and your entire home was sorted? A fresh start! Then you look round your house… If only you could wave a magic wand…

Imagine you have a fairy godmother. Lets call her Fairy-Aunt Mary. She’s a little bit cross but has a heart of gold. She loves you and only wants the best for you.

She sees you working hard. She sees how much your home weighs you down. She knows that your constant work to stay organised is exhausting.

She knows the kind of home you long for, the peaceful, easy-to-manage space of your dreams.

She has a magic wand. Now, imagine what she could do with that wand…

She waves it in a big swoosh and toys fly single file into their basket. Your spare stocks of shampoo and toilet paper stand in line, tidy and organised. Clean washing makes it’s way magically into the correct drawers, which close swiftly behind them. All those boxes of paperwork file themselves in magically correct order and the drawers softly shut.

If Fairy-Aunt Mary was there in your home (with her magic wand)…

  • She could transform your spare/junk room into an office, yoga space or playroom.
  • She could make your kitchen an organised dream.
  • She could organise your wardrobe so you never lose anything ever again.
  • She could make your living room floors toy-resistant!
  • She could sort out your kids toys, simplify and organise them too.
  • She could make all your junk, the stuff you’re finding so hard to get rid of, disappear!

Wow! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What if I told you, you could make all that happen yourself?!

That’s what a Home Reset is all about. You become your own Fairy-Aunt Mary.

It’s YOU that makes smart decisions about what you’re keeping and why.

It’s YOU that gets a few boxes and start tossing things that are just getting in your way.

It’s YOU that’s calling your favourite charity to come and pick up all the things you are so generously donating.

It’s YOU that teaches your kids how to pick up after themselves and help out with chores.

It’s YOU that creates easy storage storage solutions for the things you’ve chosen to keep.

And it’s YOU that’s making the choices that will change forever how you and your family live in your home.

The time to start is now. It’s the first week of a brand new year, a whole year ahead of you.

Imagine how much your future self will thank you when they’re at the beach or a cafe, knowing everything at home is under control. Imagine how much more time you’ll have to play with your kids, take them adventuring!

Your weekends will be filled with fun, not constant tidying and cleaning and sorting and folding and washing…

A home reset is a bit like a spring clean, but it’s bigger than that. It makes that spring clean so much easier. The New Year is the perfect time to declutter like your life depends on it. And maybe the quality of your life does depend on it!

If you’d like a straightforward guide to resetting your home for the New Year get in touch: Contact The Tidy Lady


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