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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Yes You CAN Get Rid Of Gifts You Don’t Want. Here’s How.

Unwanted gifts are a pain in the butt. Or the neck, or nose if you don’t like smelly candles. At Christmas people can often either panic buy or do their best to buy a token gift.

That’s why we end up with many things that we really don’t like or don’t fit. Many of us have a network of friends, co-workers, fellow parents and extended families that we can regift to (With care! It’s important to remember who gave you what!)

Alternatively you could do this:

  • Gather together all the gifts you don’t want.
  • Put them in your car.
  • Either take a special trip or swing by a charity shop to donate.

It’s THAT simple!

I bet you thought all charity shops were closed over the holidays. Guess what, they’re not! Not all of them any way. It pays to check.

Easy-peasy Christmas gift de-cluttering!


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