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If You Do This Right, You Could Change Your Life.

There’s a statistic floating around the web that reckons some tiny percentage of people who make New Year resolutions actually do the thing they’ve resolved to do. Most of us (who actually make a resolution) have a stab at making a big change in our lives for the first… ooooh week… then it slips our mind or other things push that resolution waaaay down our priority list.

And it makes us feel bad! Therefore…

New Year Resolutions Suck!

Or do they?…

Yes, they suck! Where are you going with this Liz?

I have a question… What do you want?

Is your resolution something actually really, REALLY important to you? Something clearly defined and motivating? Maybe it will it help you live a happier life in your home or have a long term effect on your wellbeing?

Choose carefully and set goals that are realistic for YOU. You don’t want to feel like a failure so be crafty, sneaky and strategic. You know yourself best.

Finding Happiness: Are You Mean To Yourself? ~ The Tidy Lady

It’s a good idea to work out exactly what you have to do to achieve it. So…is it worth the work you will have to do?

What would you do to get it?

Would you make this resolution a solid, unbending appointment in your calendar? Would you pass on a temptation to make it happen? Would you dedicate time to get the really hard bits done? Is it important enough for you to make it part of your life for the next twelve months? A whole year!

It is? Cool!

Ok, so lets pretend your resolution is, oh I don’t know… Declutter your whole home?! Ha! My fav subject! Generally though, these tips can be applied to pretty much anything.

Start small. Break it down. Baby steps. (How do you fit an elephant in a mini? Chop it up into really small pieces! (a pretend elephant obvs)) Just do a little bit. Choose a small thing to do, something easy. It’ll be so motivating and so much easier than trying to tackle a big job like decluttering ALL the kids toys in one go or run a marathon or make every single meal from scratch for the month.

Decluttering Toys ~ The Secret To Not Traumatising Your Kids.

Do it every single day. Just a wee bit, you’ll be making progress AND creating a Good Habit and as we all know Good Habits Change Lives. (Sounds like a government health announcement doesn’t it?) This is the secret though…

Eat your veggies first. You know the generally accepted idea of exercising first thing in the morning? It gets the sucky bits done-and-dusted before anything else can bump it off your priority list. Also you can feel totally smug when everyone else is slobbing around groaning about feeling crap. Well this also applies to getting other stuff done, including your resolution. Get rid of the sucky thing you dread, loathe or would rather have your teeth pulled than do, first. Smug.

Remember that temptation I mentioned earlier? After the small sucky thing is done, nice and early in the piece, indulge (as long as it doesn’t ruin what you’ve just done).

Tell yourself how awesome you are. Because you are! You did that crappy thing that was hard and you’d really rather eat a worm than do, but you did it! Tell yourself that you did good, every single time you take one more action towards that resolution. Nice one!

So here’s the truth… no-one else is going to do it for you unless you pay them and even then you still have turn up and you still have to pay the bill. Either way, you deserve it. You deserve this great thing that will change your life for the better, you are worth the effort and/or the money.

How Do You Feel About This? ~ The Tidy Lady

So have a really good think about what you’d like to do to change your life in the coming year, it doesn’t have to begin in the new year either. Why not start right now! Procrastination is the really sucky thing and the enemy of Good Habits.

May as well take advantage of a fresh new January, at the start of a fresh new decade, they don’t come along every day!


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