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Clutter Therapy: What does your clutter tell you about YOU? Part 1. Your busy life.

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Do you feel a bit overwhelmed, a bit frantic? There’s STUFF everywhere! After cooking and cleaning and laundry and helping with homework… you don’t seem to have a second spare to tidy up even MORE mess and no-one seems to be helping! In fact they’re making it worse!

Almost all of us have a lot of stuff, it’s just modern life. We also don’t really think about organising all our stuff to make it super easy and convenient to use. We move into a house with the best of intentions, get overwhelmed, chuck things into cupboards and say to ourselves that we’ll sort it out later. But we never do.

Then you start living your life. You get a dog, have babies, entertain, get a different job, start studying. You take on a volunteer role, your teenager takes up surfing, hockey and starts taking their car apart. Then your Great Aunt Martha dies and leaves you her entire lifetime collection of china and linen.

Whew!!! Tired? Could you be… too busy?

The optimal situation would be your whole family pitches in (you’re a team right?) and helps to keep your home organised. Even the little ones!

But… if you’re struggling right now, it’s quite likely that they really don’t care. They love you, but they just don’t care about tidiness and having an organised home. They’re fine, their priorities are met. They might even be confused by your stressing over the mess YOU can see but they can’t. They might even get a bit defensive. Not helpful!

You’re too busy. They’re too busy. Just living your lives. Your family’s busy lifestyle is partly the cause of the mess (NO TIME!) but it’s also the reason why you can’t resolve the mess (also NO TIME!) But the mess really affects YOU in a negative way.

You’re doing EVERYTHING for everyone else. You love them with all your heart and it makes you so happy to make them happy. Until you reach a point where you feel like you could explode.

You’re so happy to help your friends, family, community and colleagues. It makes you feel so good to be needed and helpful. Until you start getting seriously stressed and overwhelmed.

Stop for a minute. You are a huge hearted, generous and kind person. But you’re forgetting yourself in this busy, crazy life of yours.

It’s time to prioritise yourself.

Decluttering & Organising Your Busy Life.

It’s time to have a talk with The Team. Everyone and I mean everyone, can pitch in. Every little bit helps, especially if done consistently. Start with one person to back you up, and move into a Family Talk.

Prioritise some time to do a thorough declutter – of your home and your schedule. Then prioritise more time to reorganise your house so it works best for you. Easy for me to say? You’d prioritise time for your kids or your partner or your parents wouldn’t you? So? Do it for you.

Get help – there will be something that you can budget for that will make a huge difference to your life. Get a cleaner, an au pair, a lawn person or gardener, a Professional Organiser or a Virtual Assistant. There is ALWAYS an affordable option and it’s an investment. An investment in your peace of mind.


Get your home sorted, decluttered and organised once and for all. Get help from anywhere you can find it. Make your busy life a better life, one that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed.

Choose where you spend your energy wisely.



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