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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Does Someone You Love Have This Easy To Fix Clutter Causing Syndrome?

Piles, everywhere!

Of stuff!

And they’re a grown up!

They may be suffering from…

Clutter Blindness!

Note – at this point imagine the Jaws theme playing or say Dun Dun Duuuunnnn to yourself. (that’s from the movie The Croods. Belt, the three-toed sloth says this whenever something portentous is said. It’s very handy. Dun Dun Duuuunnnn!)

Also known as Other People’s Stuff, the clutter that belongs to the adults who live with us (or live elsewhere and use us as free storage) is a wildly subjective thing.

It’s all about the perspective of the individual.

It’s all about the dynamics of your relationship with them.

The easy fix?

You’re going to need to have a grown-up conversation with them.

A conversation about living together as adults, as equal partners, as a team. About what makes each of you happy when it comes to where and how your belongings are kept in your home.

A conversation about compromise. Honouring and respecting each other’s presence in the home. Making changes work because you care about each other.

A conversation about valuing each other’s perspective.

The effort you put into talking and making compromises will be worth it when you feel a reduction in conflict and stress in your home and in your relationships.

Sometimes it’s a long term process, sometimes it’s fabulously and quickly effective. Pick your battles, start with the things or place that makes you the most crazy.

If you feel like this is a too sensitive place to start, choose something small and easy.

Tackle every little problem you fix with loving kindness.

It’s worth it.



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