Quick Tips

A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Want To Make Your Life Easier?

Be kind to yourself –

Stop trying to do everything for everyone.

Stop making perfection your goal. Perfection sucks and makes us miserable.

Stop worrying that you’re not like everyone else. There is no “normal”.

We are all on the Hot Mess spectrum somewhere, in one or many aspects of our lives. You can bet your bottom dollar that your seemingly perfect friend is hiding a secret or two that is so adorably not-a-big-thing that it’d make you want to hug her if you knew.

I gave up on perfection when I realised it was exhausting, incredibly annoying and impossible to achieve. It took me 40 years to work this out mind you, so I’m sharing this knowledge with you now to save you time.

You’re welcome.



PS. Perfection is good if you’re a brain surgeon, an engineer or cleaning up raw chicken juices. Perfection is unhelpful when you’re trying to declutter your home and it’s really hard to maintain when you live a busy family life.

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