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Are You Settling For This In Your Life?

Settling. Settling for the wrong partner, settling for a stove that just doesn’t work right, settling for a career that doesn’t make you happy.

Settling for running yourself ragged trying to do everything for everyone, then wondering why you’re depressed and anxious and stressed.

You probably hardly ever have the time to do things for yourself. Or the money. But think about this. Do you find the time to do things for the people you love? Can you find the money to help out family? Or buy a present for a friend? Hell yes!

I’m not talking about indulgences here (that’s another blog – I have A LOT to say about that!) I’m talking about what YOU think YOU deserve to have and be and do in your life.

Now if you’re anything like me you’ve seen all the ads directed at women that say “You deserve it” (and by the way if you use our product you’ll look like this 17 year old model and enjoy the same fabulous lifestyle. Ugh).

So I don’t know about you but that phrase makes me roll my eyes a little bit (ok a LOT). However, it’s really useful. I’m going to make a list to show you why I’ve decided to use it.

  • You deserve to breath air.
  • You deserve to be treated with respect by everyone in your life.
  • You deserve to be able to choose what you do with your life.
  • You deserve to enjoy every aspect of your life.
  • You deserve to make choices that improve your life.
  • You deserve to choose how you spend your time and your money.

If you’ve filled your life with the priorities of other people, you’ve probably squeezed yourself out of the limited time and energy you have to spend each day.

You put yourself last, in every way.

You get mad at your family but you’re not sure why.

You feel taken for granted.

You’re not happy with your home.

If you need to study, exercise, do your make-up at home (not in the car), work on your side hustle in the few minutes you have spare each day, cook healthy meals for yourself or a whole family or practice meditation and for whatever reason you can’t because

You don’t have the time. The energy. A space to do it. Even just a clear kitchen bench! Something needs to change…

You need to make room for yourself in your life. Because you deserve it. Just because you’re alive, existing in this world. You need to prioritise your time to do what you need to do. You need to prioritise space to do what you want to do and you need to prioritise your energy, to make sure you can do what you love to do.

You need to take the time to arrange and manage your life and your home to make sure you’re living your best life right now.

So ask yourself this question: Are you settling for a home that doesn’t serve your best life?

Cupboards crammed so full you hide things and hope no one ever asks you for anything in there, because it’s such a nightmare to pull things out.

You squeeze your yoga mat into the space between the couch and the telly or down beside your bed so you whack your hand on the wardrobe every single time you try to open your heart to the sky.

Your precious time zooms away at lightening speed while you’re wrestling with all the daily things that you have to do to keep your family clean and fed and why are there always SO MANY THINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE???

Why is it all so hard!? Good question, maybe it’s because…

You’re not expecting the best FOR yourself. What does your dream home look like? Is there a special space just for you? Is the floor clear, the kitchen so easy to use you could almost cook blindfolded? (ummm don’t do this at home) How can you make this happen? (notice the expectation is FOR you not OF you. Huge difference)

You’re living reactively, not strategically. Some habits are easy and some are hard. I cannot seem to stick to journalling or meditation. And that’s ok. But it’s important that your habits, however small, are leading to your best life. Make the time to plan the big and small changes you need to happen in your life.

You and your family have too much stuff. It might be good stuff and it might be crappy stuff. But here’s the secret. The less stuff you hold onto, the fewer things you have to find a place for and the less stuff you have to keep moving around so your house looks a bit tidier – The Easier Your Life Gets.

What could you do today that will change your life? Something small and wonderfully motivating, like decluttering a drawer (so satisfying!) Or something big and exciting, like calling someone to help you work out what you need to do to support you in living your best life.

You have so much potential, so many opportunities to live a life that fills you with joy and contentment. Find out how to make that happen. Make the time, invest your energy in creating your best life, right now.



PS. It’s me. I’m that someone! You can call me to help you work out what you need to do.

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