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Empty Nest? Imagine the Possibilities!

There they go, a kiss on your cheek, a “thanks Mum” and your heart walks out of the house in their body. It’s been beating away in there since the moment they were born (and yes mum’s have multiple hearts to spare, that’s their secret).

Quick! Now’s your chance to nab their room!


Pack up their stuff, no need to toss it out (yet) and make their room your dream space.

Fold out bed couches are a godsend for visits by your kids and any other guests, now you have a potential Guest Room.

If you want to make it a gorgeous retreat for your friends to stay over start looking at how you can use the furniture in the room. You know that other set of lovely linen you’ve been saving? Pop it on the top shelf the empty wardrobe along with a nice set of towels.

Desperate for a craft craft room? Now is the time to really invest in proper organisation. No more squirrelling your gorgeous fixings, findings and fabrics into spare drawers and dodgy cardboard boxes all over the house. Set up a lovely big work table, a trestle can be folded down if the room has a dual purpose.

Is Your House Too Small? ~ The Tidy Lady

If you want to make it your yoga room or gym make sure the carpet is super clean, make the room feel empty so you have space to move. Bring all your exercise equipment and mats into this room and maybe a TV too if there isn’t already one there.

Need an office space? Perfect! There’s probably already a desk in there, but if it’s a wonky old thing with stickers all over it, get rid of it or renovate it. You deserve a beautiful space that encourages you to work and makes you happy to be in there.

You get the drift. It could be your beauty room, pottery studio, meditation space, TV room, pool room, you name it!

This is your house, and you are still living in it. Make the most of the space and enjoy your home!


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