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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Paper Problem Solutions.

Paper, paper everywhere! Piles of paper, stacks of paper, drawers and cupboards stuffed with paper! If you can’t find things you need, can’t see the carpet on your bedroom floor or can’t use your desk because there’s SO MUCH PAPER…

Here’s a few ideas to minimise the avalanche of paper coming into your home.

  • Get a No Junk Mail sign for your letter box. They’re available at nearly every $2 shop, Bunnings, Hammer Hardware, The Warehouse & Mitre Ten! (If you love to read all the special deals read on…)
  • Keep a paper recycling bin in the most convenient place possible for paper you’ve finished with.
  • Walk towards a recycle bin as you enter your house so you and your kids can shed as much paper as possible before you do anything else.
  • If you are about to receive a piece of paper, STOP! Ask if there’s an electronic version that can be emailed to you or if you can just take a photo of it.
  • Kids seem to attract paper. Schools are moving to electronic info sharing but still, there’s ALWAYS PAPER! Ask your school or teacher not to give out paper – Resource or info webpages are better!

If possible stop all hardcopy deliveries and go electronic – but only if it’s absolutely essential, the last thing you want is an overwhelming number of emails that you never read.

Don’t Delete – Unsubscribe!

It’s surprising how little we actually need to keep, most pieces of paper & emails have a very specific relevancy timeframe.

The less paper and electronic clutter you have, the more brain space you’ll have for the things you actually WANT to do.


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