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Managing Your Things…

The Tidy Lady Glossary.

Things [meaning]: Belongings, objects, possessions, stuff, bits and bobs.

What is clutter?

It is Things.

Inanimate objects.

Too many Things.

Things that don’t have a place.

Things that haven’t been put back where they belong.

Things that are overflowing their space.

Things that have outlived their usefulness.

Things we no longer like.

What is NOT clutter?

One thing to bear in mind, if someone has a lot of Things, even TOO MANY Things in our opinion, it doesn’t mean it’s clutter in their eyes.

Sometimes my job is just to help my client organise all their Things. My work is to help my client be happy in their home, with their Things, whatever that means to them.

Clutter is subjective.

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