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Are You Honouring Your Past Self?

Every day I help people let go of things that no longer serve them. Sometimes there’s tears. Sometimes they’re tears of grief and sometimes they’re tears of relief and new understanding.

I listen to the stories people share with me about the items they’re struggling to let go of or they’ve decided they no longer need or want. And I listen to stories of why they’ve decided to let these things go. These stories are often about a feeling of renewal, a need to shed their old self, to make room for a new life.

They are stories about change.

Life and home are intertwined. They both reflect and enhance each other. As you grow and change your tastes and needs change. Your home needs to change along with you. Big changes, like a new house or babies need big adjustments. And small changes like finding a new hobby or a new favourite colour might only show in small adjustments.

Decluttering or refreshing your environment feels right when changes come into our lives. Change can come from within ourselves and from outside. And that can mean making some difficult decisions about the things that you own and love. The things that you’ve been attached to for a long time.

My role is not to make you throw things away, but to respect your attachment to all that’s special about your things. Yes, change is needed and some things may go, but many things may stay. It’s all about following the new design you have in mind for your home and your life, with respect for your past, your memories and your stories.

Sometimes a clean sweep, a complete renewal is essential to you, moving forward. But also it’s important to honour and respect your past self.

This respect shows itself in the way you approach the things that matter to you when it comes to decluttering:

  • Declutter with thoughtful attention and care.
  • Respect your past and your story in the item you’re contemplating decluttering.
  • Find a way to let go of the item that respects your memories and ethics.

You can choose not just to move towards your new life but to also respect the memory of your old life in each item.

It’s not my job to tell you what to do. My role is to pay attention to the things that you tell me about your life and belongings. To reflect back to you the meaning and emotion that I hear in your stories. To clarify what it is that you truly value and guide you in moving towards the right decision for you.

You are the person you are now because of your past, good and bad, happy and sad. You’ve learnt a lot, about struggle and pain, joy and contentment, love and loss.

Honour that past and move towards your future with a feeling of freedom and certainty.

Liz The Tidy Lady

Declutter Coach & Tidyness Expert.

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