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Money Tight? It might be time to declutter.

Declutter for money? Unwanted gifts, that back-up blender that you never use… You know the things that would be easy to sell.

Are you thinking “What if there’s another Covid lock down!” Have a think about what you really used during that time. It probably wasn’t that set of candle sticks your Gran gave you last year or the pottery casserole dish that’s too big/small.

There’s a couple of ways to tackle this:

  • Do a quick & easy grab of the most obvious things that you know you’ll get money for AND you don’t need.
  • Do a thoughtful declutter of your home with an eye to putting saleable things to one side.

I’m a fan of the second way – mainly because I don’t want you to suffer from declutterer’s regret. Also an essential part of the process of decluttering is taking the time to carefully judge the value of the things in your home.

Value means something different to everyone. So taking time to make wise decisions is important.

When you start to think about the value of your belongings, you might also learn quite a lot about how and why you’ve accumulated so many things.

This is a wonderful opportunity to start changing your clutter behaviours. It’s going to make a huge difference if you keep finding yourself right back where you were, with clutter everywhere, after you’ve worked hard on decluttering and organising your home. It’s so FRUSTRATING!

Where to start?

Most easy-to-declutter items are tucked away in the back of cupboards, drawers and wardrobes.

  • Exercise gear
  • Boxing gear
  • Leather jackets
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Framed pictures
  • Handbags
  • Ornaments
  • Lamps

You get the idea, whatever just popped into your mind is the stuff I’m talking about. And it’s probably gathering dust as you read this.

Luckily nowadays we have heaps of options for selling stuff:

  • Garage sale
  • Car boot sale
  • Facebook buy/sell pages
  • TradeMe (Ebay/Craigs list for non-Kiwi readers)
  • Auction houses
  • Secondhand dealers

If you’re selling on the internet this article is a good brief guide to getting the most money:

This process of decluttering for money might inspire you to keep going. It might inspire you to shed all the things that are holding you back from living your best life.

It might uncover some stories that you tell yourself about the value of your belongings and their place in your life.

You might even learn the origin of those stories.

Then you can break free from their hold over you.


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