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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Overflowing In-Tray?

Do you remember the dream of the paperless office? It was going to be an actual thing and some people have actually managed it. But not everybody has.

Look! No paper… (Notebooks aren’t paper clutter. Unless you have A LOT and they’re becoming a problem. A Notebook Problem.)

Some folks just love paper and print everything out and some people just seem to be paper magnets.

In-Trays come in all shapes and sizes – from a huge pile on the kitchen bench to that cute tray in the family office that doesn’t quite manage to hold everything in it.

Who has In-Tray these days you ask? Mums, Grans, Club Treasurers, families, teachers, artists, event organisers, team coaches…

If you’re an In-Tray owner, eyeing up that overflowing container with a frown and a sigh, here’s an idea:

Flip It. Yes, Flip Your In-Tray. Give it the shock of its life.

Work from the bottom up – or, newly flipped, top to bottom. You know what I mean, oldest first, newest last. Just sit down and work your way through the pile until you have an empty In-Tray and can start all over again.

Or not … A Tiny tidy Tip! ~ Paper Problem Solutions


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