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Dark Mornings Getting You Down?

Ramp up your self care! Create your own unique Winter Morning Mood Boosting Routine.

Over the years I’ve developed a quick kit to cheer me up when dark days are affecting my mood. You might like to try one or two this winter.

There’s just a couple of things you might like to prepare beforehand, being organised can have so many benefits!

Create your own unique mood boosting routine. Beat those dark morning blues, grumpies or melancholy!

  1. Light.

    Change the light bulbs in crucial areas like the kitchen to a brighter output.
    Install a dimmer or start with a smaller but warm light and turn more lights on as you wake up. Try turning on the light above the stove first thing.
    Try to get outside as soon as possible after the sun is up and look up at the sky for a few minutes, even if it’s a grey day. (Rain or hail? Maybe wait a bit…)
    Open the curtains as soon as possible, you don’t want to miss a second of the morning light.
    You can go all out and get a Light Box that creates the effect of daylight inside.

  2. Sound.

    Turn on the radio, or stream some music that makes you feel good, earbuds are useful. (pocket size is a crucial element when choosing a bath robe – will it fit a phone or a book?)
    Turn on a morning TV show quietly in the background, but be careful of content, you don’t want it to bring you down.
    Play ambient noise, what ever eases you into the day and a better mood.
    Call someone you love and wish them good morning. (You may want to warn them first).

  3. Smell.

    Make some coffee, put on some toast or the bread maker.
    Light a scented candle or pull out and flip your scented oil wands.
    Open a window or door and take a deep breath of the fresh morning air, even if it’s cold and still dark. It just smells different.
    Diffuse essential oils that brighten your mood and make you feel good.
    Smell your baby’s skin.
    Scratch a lemon or mandarin or crush an herb leaf and smell the oils.

  4. Exercise.

    Yes I know… it’s cold and dark. Get some good music on.
    Do some gentle stretches.
    Get out that yoga dvd or find a You Tube lesson. 5 minutes? Do a simple sun salute.
    Get on that huge chunk of exercise equipment that’s gathering dust and clothes.
    Go outside – be conscious of your safety. Walk the dog or nip down to the shops and back.
    Climb some stairs. Do it again.

  5. Warmth.

    It’s important that you feel comfy, relaxed and cosy.
    If your house is freezing when you get up, investigate a timer for your heaters.
    Make sure you have a safe and effective way of heating your bathroom.
    Bank up your fire when you go to bed so you just have to throw something on the embers to start it up.
    Invest in a really cosy, warm dressing gown, that has pockets big enough for your phone, glasses or a book.
    Have something hot when you get up, hot water with lemon, a cup of tea or a coffee.

Creating a winter morning mood boosting routine is a simple way to take care of yourself.

Six Smart Ways To Invest In Yourself

You can start some of these ideas straight away, some might take a bit of planning. If you barely have the energy to drag yourself out of bed, choose just one new thing to try each day or on the weekend.

If you think you don’t have the time, make the time. Some of these ideas are so quick to put into practice they’ll become a habit in no time at all.

The trick is…

Do something!

Do you have any tips for happier winter mornings? Please share them in the comments!

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