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Decluttering? Struggling To Get It done?

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you have to do when you’re working on organising or decluttering your home.

Big projects have many steps, stages and processes that need to happen before you can move on to the fun stuff. So how do you organise your decluttering project?

Make it easier to keep track of each element of your decluttering and organising project by making a custom DO IT list, timeline or vision board.

Note – For ease of writing I’m going to use the word List.

A DO IT list is different to a To Do list.

A To Do list is a list of tasks, often unconnected tasks. A To Do list might grow and grow and GROW or slowly vanish, shrinking as you check off each job.

A DO IT list is the Boss Of Lists. It prioritises tasks, schedules them, keep you on track and reminds you of everything you need to do to reach your goal.

A DO IT list is visual.

It needs to be in your face. A place that everyone who is involved can see it.

  • A whiteboard.
  • A blackboard.
  • A big piece of paper or cardboard pinned to the wall.

A DO IT list is time focussed.

Start with a realistic end time and break up the tasks within that timeframe.

  • Write down everything that has to happen on some note paper.
  • Work out what has to happen first, so the other things can happen.
  • Choose a timeframe for each step.

A DO IT list is motivating.

What motivates you? You know yourself – use that knowledge.

  • Use a big pen to cross out each step, so satisfying!
  • Don’t erase each step – you can see how much you’ve achieved.
  • You’re free to work on each step, one at a time, focussing your energy and attention.

A DO IT list is goal focussed.

You know why you’re doing this, find a way to express that in words or images.

  • Write up your final list (or timeline) on your chosen platform.
  • Make it yours – draw, use photos, different coloured pens, use your natural language.
  • Write down your goal or draw or stick an image up at the end that clearly shows your goal.

Nothing is set in concrete.

DO IT lists, timelines and vision boards are immensely flexible. You can change them as needed. They can be long or short, on your phone, on a PostIt, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you can refer to it when you need to.

You’ll feel in control of your decluttering project, and you’ll see real results.

Get stuck in. Flex those project management muscles!


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