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Too Much To Do? – Make Your Life Easier With The Tidy Lady.

The busiest people get the most done! Celebrate how much you achieve. You are amazing.

Our lives are often tightly scheduled and planned, but sometimes when you pause to think about everything you need to do in your day, your week or your month, it can become overwhelming.

Take control!

Write a list. Or a mind map.

Yes it’s as simple as that.

When the overwhelm hits you grab a pad of paper or even an old envelope, a pen, pencil or a broken crayon and just start writing.

When you write down all the big and little things you have to do, you give yourself an opportunity to prioritise.

You can also give yourself permission to NOT do something. The act of writing helps you to clarify the importance of each task, you might even find yourself writing more than one list:

  • Do Today!
  • This Can Wait.
  • Why Am I Making Myself Do This?!

Your first list might be a draft. Especially if you’ve decided a broken crayon just doesn’t cut it.

Put your final list somewhere handy. The kitchen bench, near your computer, on the fridge. Make sure you have something handy to cross off each item as you do it.  A big sharpie or marker is very satisfying to use.

You may choose to do small things first. Crossing off the easiest thing on your list will feel pretty good.

You might even find that you don’t need to cross things off. Just writing it was all that you needed to calm that feeling of too-much-to-do.

Remember too, add one more thing to your list. Make time for a pause, for peacefulness, what ever that means for you.

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