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Renting? Part one.

Kitchens can be a problem in the rented home, especially apartments. Storage is minimal and you can’t make any permanent additions or anything that costs too much of your own money.

I recently came across a tiny rental kitchen that had very limited storage, however the tenant of the cool retro apartment decided not to make any changes at this point in time. I had a few ideas that could have made the space attractive and far more functional, with only a small budget. After a thorough de-clutter of course…

Everything can be removed without damage, and can be used in the next home too.


The first most obvious step is to replace the low shelves on the left.


The tenant was concerned that higher shelving would be oppressive in the higher space, my solution? Tiered white shelving! There are various sizes available, depending on the store and you could use two side by side if there’s room.

Tiered shelving

White baskets to fit the shelves will contain similar items, keeping them hidden, tidy and secure.


The shelves above the sink are deep and the only place to keep frequently used food, they’re the pantry!


There are a number of useful products that could be used here –


The simple extendable tiered shelf, pull out baskets of various sizes and nifty under shelf baskets will make everything more accessible and more easily seen or identified, if similar products are kept together.



All product images are courtesy of Kmart, The Warehouse or Storage Box, contact me if you’d like to organise your kitchen, it’s so much fun and so satisfying!

Part two coming soon.

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