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Renting? Part two.

The tiny rental kitchen I came across a little while ago that had very limited storage, presented a challenge, however the tenant of the cool retro apartment decided not to make any changes at this point in time.

Kitchens can be a problem in the rented home, especially apartments. Storage is minimal and you can’t make any permanent additions or anything that costs too much of your own money. I had a few ideas that could have made the space attractive and far more functional, with only a small budget. After a thorough de-clutter of course…

Everything can be removed without damage, and can be used in the next home too.


I think something could be done about the vitamins and little bottles on the ledge above the draining board and bench. This attractive round shelf could be hung under the shelves to hold them all in one place.

Round hanging shelf

Removable hooks will hold this spice rack on the panel under the black board.

White spice rack

Oils can be moved from behind the toaster, making more bench space, and stored in this shower caddy, hung with strong removable hooks, on the wall beside the stove.

Shower caddy

The tea packets, tins and tea pots could be stored on and in this box, which would rest securely on it’s side, on the microwave rack, currently crammed full.


And finally, under the sink, those saucepan and container lids could be stored in this dish rack.


I’ve used white and light coloured items to maintain an illusion of space and lightness. Hurray for Command hooks!

Command Hooks

All product images are courtesy of Kmart, The Warehouse or Storage Box. Give me a call if you’d like your kitchen sorted!

Liz The Tidy Lady


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