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The Clutter Detox Plan.

Feeling a bit tired? No energy, a bit bloated? Maybe you’re thinking of trying a detox diet. Or you’re doing it now. Lot’s of veggies, juices and water. A simple, pure diet to get your body and energy functioning at optimal levels.

You know that enormous to-do list you have? The full schedule, busy day, week, month? Feeling a little pressured? Maybe you’ve taken action and started getting rid of things you’d rather not do. Simplify, simplify, that’s your new mantra.

You can detox anything, your digital life, your personal life and even your email account!

Detoxing is the removal of things that do not serve your wellbeing. I bet if I asked you to quickly list 10 things that you feel have a negative impact on your life, you’d have no problem finding them. But have you thought about the things in your home that might be toxic to you?

Detoxing your home often means eliminating chemicals. They’re in everything! Cleaning products, room scents, plastics and personal products.

I’m talking about detoxing the things in your home that do not serve your best life. You, purifying your home at a whole new level.

Toxic Things.

The things filling your home can be toxic for you for many reasons:

  • They hold bad memories.
  • Filling and taking over spaces you could be using.
  • Distracting your focus from the things you really want to do.
  • Making your bedroom feel dusty, claustrophobic and unpleasant to sleep in.
  • Making it harder to prepare healthy food.
  • Making it harder to do the things you want to do.
  • Making asthma and allergies worse.
  • Causing embarrassment and shame.

Removing Toxicity From Your Home.

But you like to have an abundance of things around you? Sometimes we think that a strong feeling we have, like a fear of poverty, is a sign that we must obey the feeling to make it go away. But that’s only short term comfort. The toxic effects too much stuff does not serve you in the long term.

Are your strong feelings making you gather a protective shell of “Good quality”, “Valuable”, “Might be useful” things around you? Maybe you realise they are toxic to you because you have too many. You can choose to be brave. You can choose to remove some (or all) of the things that are causing that toxic effect.

Maybe you are very sensitive and heart driven. You might not even realise how the things in your home are affecting you. Using your sensitivity, let it tell you what to do. Override those nagging little thoughts and feelings that keep you in a toxic environment. Shed the things that make you feel anything negative.

Free the spaces in your home by removing anything that does not serve you, for whatever reason. Free yourself from the burden of toxic things. Create your healthiest environment, for you.

Make It Beautiful.

You know that little spot you love to arrange? A book shelf, mantle piece, that shelf in your wardrobe? It’s a little haven of beauty and order in your home. I bet it’s not a jumble of confusion, things unloved and shoved together. I bet everything has it’s own space, so you can see it and love it. That space is the opposite of toxic.

You can extend this little haven, this way of creating a beautiful space, to other places in your house. You can have that feeling you get when you look at that space, throughout your entire home. Even under the sink!

Beauty is healing. Beautiful spaces don’t have things in them that make you feel bad. A beautiful home is clear of things that don’t serve you, clear of things that make your home-life more difficult. A beautiful home is made of spaces that you can enjoy.

Make It Simple.

Simply being surrounded by too much stuff can be toxic. Even if it’s “Good stuff”. Having too much good stuff to hunt through to find what you need is Time Toxic. Having to “tidy-up” before you can do anything is Energy Toxic.

Having too many kinds of the same thing can make you feel stuck. Too many choices can make you feel stressed. Only owning a few simple, beautiful, quality things makes your life so much easier. Knowing where everything is, makes your life easier.

You can live simply and luxuriously. You’ll know you only have the things you need. You can see them and you love what you see. You’re giving yourself the gift of peace, clarity and calm. You are refining your environment to create a place that nurtures you.

Curating your home to eliminate feelings of overwhelm, claustrophobia and irritation is detoxing your home. You are purifying your space.

Why A Plan?

Because it’s easier to make changes when you have guidelines to work with. “Eat only veggies for a month” is not very helpful for a big diet change, and likely to lead to failure. You want to know when and why you should eat those veggies. And which ones and how they should be prepared. After all, potatoes are a veggie, fries probably don’t count but with no guidelines…

If you’ve read this far, you might want to download the simple checklist below. Rather than a super strict list of must-do’s it’s a room by room decluttering checklist that you can use for your own detox-declutter. You can choose where and when you start, but you get a whole house list to help you work through each space. And it’s free.

Free detox-declutter checklist.

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