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6 Quick School Holiday Home Organising Ideas.

Mothers are: a social secretary, chauffeur, housekeeper, cook, book keeper, project manager, nurse, health and nutrition consultant, tutor, life coach, negotiator, lifestyle facilitator, personal assistant, guardian, teacher, mentor, friend… and the rest.

All mother’s are working mothers!

So… is your work environment set up to be as organised, efficient and practical as possible?

Is any part of your workplace (your home) making you crazy or stressed?

The school holidays are a great time to get stuck in to organising problem spaces, but you can do it any time. Here are a few ideas you could try:

  • Decide on one space for each activity. If you find that you need to constantly fetch things from another place and then have to return it to that place, store them in the space where they are used the most. Crafts are a major one!
  • Keep duplicates in the places they’re needed. For things you need to grab often, have extra sets in all the places you need them for fast and easy access. Like scissors, hair ties, wipes, cleaning things. And make it easy to put them back too.
  • We like independent kids! Label smart spots. If all family members are able to find and return items to the right place it will be easier to put things back and avoid clutter build up. Labels are fantastic for this, when you’ve found the right smart spot, whack a label on it.
  • Decide on the standard you can manage. If you would like family members to take responsibility for some chores you may have to adapt to their capacity. Labelled baskets and boxes contain and hide things that are less than perfectly arranged or folded.
  • If possible upgrade your equipment. It is not good to work with broken or inadequate equipment that is badly stored and hard to access or use. If you can, replace faulty items with a better quality version and make it easier to access. It will change your life!
  • Make sure you have what you need. If you are struggling with a task or a space take some time to think about how you could make it work better. Do you need more storage? Do you need to declutter? Better equipment? Or do you need help?

Get the kids to pitch-in, they might have ideas too!

Take good care of yourself please.


PS: You thought this was going to be all about the kids stuff? Nope, it’s all about you. Xxx

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