Quick Tips

A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Got 5 Minutes? Stop, Drop and…

Do a Sun Salute.

Or a Downward-facing-dog (Mountain pose)

Or just a Childs Pose.

Do 5 pushups.

Pick up some LEGO.

Play with your baby/dog/cat/guinea pig.

Relax every muscle, completely.


Stare at the ceiling.


It’s the five minutes here and there that’s surprisingly useful. We can fit what we need to do in to our packed days when we’re Too Busy. And by crikey can it make a difference! I just did a couple of sun salutes and I feel so much more bendy than I did five minutes ago (Check me out, Ms-skipping-things-that-are-good-for-me.)

I put a bunch of donation odds and ends in a carry bag and put it by the door. Took five minutes and I’m halfway to getting it into my car. Yay!

Five Minutes is your friend. Take full advantage of your friend, Five Minutes won’t mind, she’s awesome.



PS: Woo hoo! It’s a short one!

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