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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Go Vertical!

Clear surfaces are lovely. Clean, clear walls with nothing on them, nice. But… do you have piles of stuff on the floor? Boxes that you can’t get to because they’re under other boxes? Are you fighting to dig out your fav frying pan?

Get all that useful stuff up off the floor. Get it all up on those walls!

Is Your House Too Small? ~ The Tidy Lady

Hang pans inside or outside cupboards. Go French and hang them above your kitchen island. Hang them on steel S hooks above your stove or hang them inside your cupboards if you have the luxury of space. You can hang them from the ceiling of a cupboard, or the sides or the doors, or all three!

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Hooks are everyones best friend. In line with the theory “Always get a bigger digger” don’t skimp and use teeny weeny hooks. Check that the things you want to hang on them will fit properly, but always get the more robust version.

Hooks break under a heavy load, take my word for it, I’ve seen it so many times.

Under stair storage is often wasted, but look at this!

Shelves are awesome – install them!

  • In the Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs
  • In the laundry
  • On the walls in the garage
  • In the broom cupboard

Shelves and hooks where once there was none… Life changing.


Hooks AND shelves!
A Grab And Go centre made with Elfa shelving!
Elfa shelving is just fabulous. Look at the vacuum hose
It’s TIDY!

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