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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Help The Bees.

Growing tomatoes? Blueberries? Even an orchard? You’re going to need bees.

Bees have been acknowledged as one of the most important creatures on our planet and they’re at risk. Let’s help them out this summer.

We can plant bee friendly plants in our gardens, but what about those hot dry summer days? We often have bird baths but bees need water too!

When decluttering with clients I often come across bags of unused pretty pebbles, stone chip and collections of marbles that are no longer played with. Let’s give them a new life and help bees too.

All you need is a shallow container and pebbles, beads, stones, marbles or even twigs! Put your pebbles to good use, teach your children to care for our insects and maybe put some old china, Pyrex or plant saucers to good use.

Note – Click on the blue link at the bottom of each image to go to the instruction page for each idea.

Check out who are doing an awesome job helping our little pollinators.


PS. A very important element to remember: Make sure it’s in the shade as the marbles etc can get very hot. Bumblebees only drink nectar and eat pollen so lots of nectar producing flowers is great and super pretty too. Thanks Tash!

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