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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Gift Bags… But They’re So Pretty!!!

Here is the simplest Tiny Tidy Tip ever!

Use The Pretty Gift Bags…

They’re one of the hardest things to declutter, because they’re so pretty! We tend to gather them, but never use them.

So often the bags we receive (and keep) don’t quite fit the gifts or suit the people they’re intended for, and out we go to buy another bag.

Try this – if there’s a gift bag that fits the size of the gift, use it, regardless of the design or suitability, and tell them to pop it in the recycling! Your Nan will get a giggle receiving her gift in a Spiderman bag and she doesn’t have to keep it!

The Best Way to Fold Plastic Carrier Bags


  • You can donate them, someone will love them and use them.
  • You can use them for lunches.
  • You can use them for small shopping trips too.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to use up pretty gift bags.


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