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3 Super Easy Hacks To Free Up Brain Space.

My brain is on overdrive. Things are starting to fall off the “I Must Remember This List”, despite playing little memory tricks and being so sure that I won’t forget this Very Important Thing.

I’ve developed a few simple hacks for myself, that you might like to try, if your brain is just overflowing. Or you’d much rather dedicate your attention to something far more worthwhile than trying to remember to buy loo paper.

Keeping a Tidy House.


Is this your last roll?….

You know you’re going to need toilet paper. Soap. Coffee. Chocolate. Wine…

  • Buy two next time you’re shopping. Just two – packets, bottles or bags, you don’t need five. Unless you go through coffee in monumental amounts like I do. Then buy lots, but make sure they’re organised and fit their assigned space!
  • Shop online, in advance of desperately needing to get to the shops. Get it delivered. Just do it. Don’t beat yourself up. Why make yourself crazy by squeezing in a frantic shopping trip between soccer and dinner when everything you need could arrive at your door without you having to break a sweat.
  • Schedule your shopping trip in advance like it’s a Really Important Thing. Because it is. Put your calendar to work!

Double or triple it.

Pliers or earring butterflies? If you’re constantly hunting for them, get another pair.
  • At Home: If you are always searching for your glasses or your phone cable or a mint or a pair of scissors… Make sure there’s a duplicate stored where you need it.
  • On The Move: If you keep leaving your phone charger or your sunnies or your lip balm behind, get another one and keep it where you need it to be.
  • At Work: Is there precisely ONE (1) working stapler in your office? Do people keep nicking pens off your desk? Did you forget to put your wireless mouse in your laptop bag again? Get duplicates and keep them where you, or your colleagues, need them.

Too Much To Do?

Outsource The Boring Bits.

Don’t know about you but I’d much rather be having fun with my loved ones than cleaning.

I know. I go on and on about this. But why not? Why not make it a little easier on yourself. Stop being mean to yourself and hire someone. Here’s a random list.

  • Lawn mowing
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Food bags
  • Taxes
  • Virtual assistant
  • Car valet

Feel free to add to these in the comments!


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