Quick Tips


Write it down! You’ll be surprised how useful a calendar is, digital or paper.

A diary with a week or a month spread over two pages is handy to keep track of all the things you and your family have to do. Keep it open on the current week in a handy spot, like the kitchen bench or the computer table.

Digital calendars, synced and accessible across all your devices remind you of regular or repeating events and help to schedule your time… with Alerts!

Make use of Reminder apps for quick little one-off events like “buy milk after soccer” & “pick up mum from library – DON’T FORGET AGAIN!!!”

Even Post-It’s help. Stick one on food that has to be used up “DRINK THIS FIRST” or on the Wifi Modem you turned off… “WALK THE DOG”.

White work table with notes, smartphone and laptop

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