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5 Simple Ways To Find Joy Right Now.

Things are a bit crap right now, the world over. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is you just won Lotto and 10 is a global pandemic… Oh wait.

Joy can be hard to find when the world is a scary place, you’re stuck at home against your will and also might have massive financial worries.

So let’s have a go at finding some little things that could help you feel better straight away.

Treat Yourself Right.

Revamp your social media feed. Get rid of ANYTHING that makes you feel bad, no rationalising. Follow stuff that makes you feel happy. Unfollow if that changes.

Use your best, prettiest tea cups, china and wine glasses. Drink your best wine, play your fav music (don’t annoy your neighbours though!) Wear your prettiest undies, make your snacks the healthiest, yummiest good-for-you snacks every day (you deserve it.)

Stop being mean to yourself. Make sure you’re comfy, rested and stop doing things that stress you out.

Fold Stuff.

Or iron wrinkly things. Whatever soothes you is good. Sometimes ordinary or fussy sounding things can be extraordinarily satisfying.

The results are lovely to look at (and smell) and every time you open the cupboard or drawer where you keep them you will feel so good.

Go full Martha Stewart with lavender water sprays and How-To-Fold-Fitted-Sheets videos or Kondo the living daylights out of every pair of socks and knickers in the house.

Laugh, On Purpose.

I’m not talking about Laughter Yoga, if that’s what you’re thinking (but Google a video of it, it’ll make you feel good.) What makes YOU laugh?

Funny cat videos? Stand-up comedians? Witty books, funny movies, playing with your kids, watching your dog try to get peanut butter out of their Kong toy?

Do that, every day. On purpose.

Share Your Light.

Do NOT exhaust yourself, or get to a place of resentment but, it will make you feel good to extend your kindness and thoughtfulness to those outside of your bubble.

Hold up homemade signs to tell your neighbour a joke. Call or text a friend. Make a Messenger group of your buddies and send everyone a joke of the day. Get your kids to sing a song to grandma over the phone or video chat. Pick flowers from your garden and leave them by the door of a stranger on your walk.

Talk to people (at an appropriate distance!) Spread happiness to get happy.

Little & Easy.

At the end of the day (literally, you’re in your jammies, nodding off on the couch) it’s possibly unlikely that you’ve just finished writing that book, learnt to tell jokes in Mandarin or play the trumpet. But, you’ve probably done a few things that are pretty cool. They’ll be things that you might not think are an achievement, but you know what? Why not count them!

Especially if you have kids at home, even finally getting your own nails cut (let alone squirming little fingers!) is something productive to add to your list of Stuff You Got Done at the end of the day.

Get your smug on and write a list of all the things you achieved, no mater how small they may seem to you.

If you have any tips for finding a little joy in your day-to-day right now, please share in the comments.

Liz The Tidy Lady.

Declutter Coach & Tidyness Expert.

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