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Is This Simple Question Blocking Your Dream Home?

Think about your dream home. It’s perfect isn’t it? It makes you happy to think about it. Even if it’s just a vague feeling. Maybe you know it when you see it in a magazine or on Pinterest. Those beautiful homes with carefully chosen pieces (and NO clutter!)

Then you look around you and sigh. Why does your home NEVER look like that!? There’s always crap everywhere! We should move! No, that’s too drastic. I know! MORE STORAGE! That’ll make everything look better.

But you notice it doesn’t. The things you put away overflow their space. The surfaces you cleared are soon messy again. Everywhere you look things are packed into every tiny nook and cranny, drawer and cupboard.

I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m going to suggest decluttering. The problem is, you’ve tried it and it didn’t work for you. No use at all! Why? Because your first thought is…

What if I need it?

Five little words. A simple question. A simple question that completely blocks that dream home of yours.

Because EVERYTHING in your home was bought for a reason. Maybe you did use that thing when you first got it. Maybe your excitement at using it has faded. But one day you might want to use it again and there it’ll be waiting for you and you won’t have to spend a cent!

That’s why decluttering is so hard for you. You pick up a useful thing, trying to decide if you want to declutter it or not. You had a reason for bringing each thing into your home. You feel a bit guilty. You spent money on it. You MIGHT use it again. It’s a really good thing to have around, just in case. So back it goes on its shelf and you look at the results of your decluttering session. It’s one tiny pile. You may as well not have bothered! So you put it all back again.

But you’ve got a house stuffed with useful things and you’re stressed out!!! Stressed out because it’s too hard to make a decision about all the useful things that you can’t get rid of because you might need them one day.

Simple, un-cluttered, stress-free.

You have too much of a good thing. Too many good things. So many good and useful things that you’re feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your home. It doesn’t make sense, there’s no trash in your house, no useless things, just good stuff!

But your dream house seems so far away, so hard to achieve. But you can. Here’s how:

  • Acknowledge that all your stuff is good stuff.
  • Decide that having that your un-cluttered dream home right now is a priority for you.
  • Think about your life right now. How would you like it to look?

Look at photos of your dream home. Notice the most obvious difference. Notice if the floors are clear, the surfaces only holding an ornament or two.

Think about the things that you haven’t used in the last year. Think about the things that are “nice to have” but you don’t actually need. Think about the things that are “useful things” but you could use something else just as easily.

The thing itself may be a useful thing, but too many “useful things” are a burden. To get to your un-cluttered dream home, to get the look in those photos you’ll need to reduce the number of useful things that you own.

  • Choose which useful things you are willing to give up to get that dream home look.
  • Remember that your future is full of abundance, full of possibility, of so many choices.
  • Acknowledge that you still have many useful things in your home that you DO use.

The answer to the simple question of “What if I need it?” is another question:

What do I want?

Are you willing to give up on your dream home to keep all those useful things that are cluttering up your home? Are you willing to stay the way you are, stressed and overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your home?

Or do you REALLY want that beautiful space, that tranquil, elegant, uncluttered look. To invite your friends over with pride and happiness, with zero anxiety about how your place looks?

It’s your choice.



It’s the salesy bit!

Yes! The bit where I tell you that if you’d like some real, nitty-gritty, practical decluttering and home organising advice…. call me!

All I want is for you to be happy with your home. If you’re not, let’s find out why and fix it! You can reach me here:

That’s it really. There’s so much you can do yourself, go on, pick my brain!



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