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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Before You Buy Fancy Wrapping Paper…

Arrrgh! Did you know that only non-sparkly, non-metallic wrapping paper can be recycled? And there are so many alternatives to mass produced new rolls of printed paper which are ripped up and trashed in seconds!

This super useful info is from WasteNet.org.nz:


Paper wrapping paper can be put in your yellow recycling bin. Metallic and shiny wrapping paper is not-recyclable and goes into the red rubbish bin.

rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon

Holiday gift-giving can often leave us with piles of wrapping paper, bows and bags, ribbons and tissues.  And sadly it turns out that most present trimmings are not recyclable.

  • Paper wrapping paper can be recycled in your yellow recycling bin. 
  • Metallic and shiny paper wrappings papers cannot be recycled as they contain foil or metallic pieces (but they can be reused for next year, or placed in your red rubbish bin).
  • Ribbons and bows cannot be recycled, but could be reused for the next gift.
  • Wrapping tissue can be recycled in your yellow recycling bin.

Oh and the good news is that you do not need to remove the cellotape before recycling your paper wrapping paper.

And their page on what to use instead to avoid sending heaps of waste to landfill…


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