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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Just A Little Bit Of eWaste…

Most kiwi households have these.

A weird wire here, an un-coupled cable there, a faulty charger (or three), maybe one old dead phone…

Not a lot. Not enough to make a Special Trip in your crazy busy schedule to take them to an eWaste depot.

At least, not enough yet…

So start a box to collect your family eWaste. There won’t be much in it at the start, but soon you’ll have an overflowing box full! Especially if you start adding dead hairdryers, dodgy electric blankets and the remarkable number of remote controls that don’t work anything.

Once you can’t fit any more in the box, that’s the time to take it (quickly before anyone says “That might come in handy!”) to your nearest depot or drop off spot.




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