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A Tiny Tidy Tip – Fix That Missing Button.

Do you remember playing with your gran’s or your mum’s button collection? You might want to start your own. Button collections are a resource that can help us live a more sustainable life. We CAN fix that missing button and NOT throw that piece of clothing away.

Ever thrown out something because it needed mending and you didn’t know how? Try Googling a how-to video (depending on what you need to fix).

The internet is packed with incredibly useful videos and infographics put out there by generous and knowledgeable people.

For Button Problems:

Maybe you couldn’t find the button and couldn’t match it?

Often clothes will come with a spare button sewn on a label inside so turn it inside out and have a look.

An alternative with shirts and jackets – anything with multiple buttons – is to take off a button that you don’t use, maybe the very top one that you always leave open. No one will ever know…

Or… Visit your mum or gran, or neighbour or auntie, grandad or brother – you can bet your bottom dollar someone you know, knows how to sew and can teach you.

Go on it’ll make them so happy and you’ll learn a new skill!


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