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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Chucking Out Tools or Wood?

Thinking of sorting out your Shed stuffed with Really Useful Bits Of Wood?

Eyeing your garage, crammed full of Things-That-Might-Come-In-Handy like that 3rd back up drill that you’ve never used? It works like a dream and never fails but… it’s gathering dust.

If you’ve been dreaming of actually being able to keep the bikes in there, or finding the tent which you know is in there somewhere… It’s a good time right now to declutter.

It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, the perfect time for a Spring Clean!

So if you’re clearing out a garage or shed and you come across Useful Bits And Bobs and tools that are Still Good – ie: in good nick and working order, or of a useful size and condition.

Check with your local Men’s Shed http://menzshed.org.nz/ before tossing it all out.

They might be able to use it for their projects. Some Sheds hold school holiday programmes or are involved in supporting community initiatives and need good materials and gear to use.

And you might know someone who’d like to join…


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