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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Get A Back Up Battery.

I have three. Yes three. My phone is my comms device, my lifeline, my memory, my entertainment sometimes too.

It’s so heavily used the battery is constantly running low just as I’m about to head out somewhere or Skype someone. Typical!

So I bought three back up battery packs. The slim kind that you can keep in your handbag without it weighing so much your shoulder aches like you’ve been carrying the kitchen sink and the cat around in it all day.

I have one in my tiny Lady Bag, one in my Tidy Lady Bag and one in my back pack, which is Tidy but not tiny. I keep them in ziplock bags with their cables which I am SO glad for, coffee and electronics do not mix.

From a convenience perspective they are awesome, from a security perspective they are irreplaceable. Your phone (or your teenagers phone) will never die on you (or them) when out and about at night, on long trips, or at crucial moments of needing help.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Brace yourselves – Glamorous and stylish Blog Photo coming up…

Nifty wee thing – the trick is to keep it in your bag, not in a drawer at home!

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