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Make Your Home Look Bigger – Tip 4.

Less open shelving.

A small place can look cramped if there are too many things catching the eye. Open storage works well if everything you own is in a similar colour or tones, or your belongings are few and simple.

Abundant, eclectic collections can be a great pleasure but if your goal is to make your small space look bigger try the following:

  • Display just a few objects that bring you joy when you look at them, or co-ordinate with your decor.
  • Bring out your vintage kitchen equipment, a pieces of china you adore and tuck away the cereal boxes.
  • Store items you don’t use often in cupboards or drawers. If you don’t have enough room… see below.
  • Give away items that you no longer use. (Yes I’m sneaking in some de-cluttering!)
  • If you have a big personal collection, choose just a few items to have out and pack the rest away.
  • Every now and then change the items you have on show, it will feel like you’ve been shopping!
  • Bookshelves are for books, remove all but a few ornaments, and tidy your books. You can have some fun, alternating stacks or organising by colour. If you have an overflow, weed out the volumes you no longer love and give them away.
  • If you’re serious about changing the look of your open storage consider hiring a carpenter to make doors.
  • Scan your house for every open shelf, not just the kitchen, you’ll be surprised how much stuff we cram into a convenient space.
  • Of course there’s always minimalism, you might find you love it!

Stand back and admire the simple, attractive space you’ve created, luxuriate in the pleasure of less clutter and show off the spaciousness of your home.


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