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Wondering If You’re A Hoarder?

Or know someone who’s showing hoarding behaviours? Would you or they like to be part of a study on hoarding behaviours?

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Kathryn Ragan is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist, studying at Newcastle University’s School of Psychology in the UK.

She needs the help of people from around the world with hoarding behaviours to help develop an App for professionals to identify hoarding beliefs in people.

This is the questionnaire:

Developing a Measure of Beliefs in Hoarding Disorder

About the study:

The study is aiming to develop a tool that will help clinicians to identify
different types of beliefs in people with hoarding disorder, so that treatments can better target the core beliefs held by patients who seek help from mental health professionals.

Participants can complete the study anonymously by clicking this link:

This will lead you to Qualtrics where you will be shown an information sheet and consent form. Demographic information will be collected and there is a screening measure to identify people whose hoarding behaviour reaches the threshold for the study. Those who qualify will be asked to rate how strongly they believe certain statements about their possessions. Finally, a debrief statement with further information and contact details will be shown.

This stage of the study just requires the completion of a single questionnaire with no
follow-ups required. In total, the survey will take approximately 20 minutes. Those who complete the full questionnaire will be given the opportunity to win an Amazon voucher.
For those who choose to provide their email address for the prize draw or other reasons can be assured that their email address will be kept separately from their responses to ensure anonymity is maintained.

This study is supervised by Dr Claire Lomax (DClinPsy Programme Director, Newcastle University) and Dr Rowan Tinlin (Clinical Psychologist, CNTW NHS Trust).


Anyone over the age of 18 can complete the study, as the questionnaire will screen people in or out at an early stage based on the severity of their hoarding and clutter. The study is open to anyone who can speak English, regardless of what country
they live in. You do not need to have a diagnosis of hoarding disorder to take part.


This study has been granted ethical approval by the Ethics Committee at
Newcastle University. Ref: 4326/2020

About the researcher:

My name is Kathryn Ragan and I am a trainee clinical psychologist studying at Newcastle University and working for Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. This study is for my doctoral thesis.

Contact details: Kathryn Ragan,

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