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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Do you KISS?

Less Is More, Do More With Less, Keep It Simple Stupid.

We hear these little sayings so often and we get it (though I object to the Stupid part, fine, I get it! He needed an S word to make the KISS acronym. I can think of other words…)

Anyway… I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and came across a post from Empower Mums about decision fatigue. Missy, a mum and psychologist, totally gets it. Mum’s make SO MANY decisions every single minute of every single day, decision fatigue anyone?!

“One of the best way to battle decision fatigue is develop good routine and habits and limit the number of options you have (e.g. declutter your wardrobe, make “rules” for meals e.g. meatless mondays, taco tuesdays etc).”

Want to glide through your life like a Frozen Princess On Ice? (Long braid not required.)

Get cracking on decluttering your life! Declutter toys, clothes, plastic ware, crappy old saucepans and broken things that you’re going to fix one day. Declutter your clothes, email inbox and your schedule.

Set up Incredibly Simple Systems & Routines (ISSR’s – That’s my acronym) and start making good habits, one at a time.

I know what you’re thinking, “Easy to say Liz, but how?! I’m dropping the kids off at school and the kitchen is chaos, the washing needs doing or I’ll run out of knickers and my mum is texting me every 15 minutes…”

Just start. Start small. Read this blog post first.

Just imagine… You wake up and your room is tidy, you get to do the thing you want to do, first. The kitchen is tidy, you’re dressed in seconds and the kids are mostly ready to leave…

Guess how much better you’ll feel, every single day, if everything in your home and your routine was designed to make your life easier? EXPONENTIALLY BETTER!

Do it. Start decluttering. Make your life easier, a little bit at a time.

Bye for now,



PS. If you need a hand with any part of making your life easier just message me!

PPS. Yes I know, another non-tiny Tiny Tidy Tip. I’m out of control! (sips double shot almond latte)…

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