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A Tidy Tiny Tip! ~ Do This To Transform Your Mindset.

How do you talk about yourself? “Oh I’m SO fat”, “What a dummy! I forgot the milk!”, “Stupid! I dropped the box of decorations!”.

Do you think that’s sending a positive, productive and helpful message to your subconscious?


Makes you feel a bit crap about yourself right?

It’s the same with anything that you have a negative view about. Exercise, veggies, cleaning the oven… Decluttering! Are you saying these things to yourself?

Decluttering is hard. It’s a crap job. I’ll get sweaty and dirty. I’ll have to make DECISIONS! What do I do with it all! Bluuurrggghhh!!

Well, get that talk right out of your head!

The Tidy Lady

Try this instead:

The next time you look at a space you’re thinking about decluttering but you feel bad about it, I want you to say these things to yourself:

  • This is easy, I’m only going to do a little bit each time and it’ll be done so fast!
  • I can do this, I can declutter in a really smart way because I know I don’t need all this stuff.
  • It’s no problem getting rid of all these really nice things, I can take them to an op shop!
  • I know what I want, I want less crap in my life, I can make it happen.
  • Decluttering is fun because I’ll see such a fantastic result when I’m done!

I know it might sound dorky but try it. See if it changes how you feel. Hey its worth a go, what’s the harm? Something good might happen!


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