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Work That Phone! Make it sweat it’s working so hard for you.

Calendars & reminders are a godsend. They boss you and nag you but it’s on purpose! We NEED them to nag us. They help us organise our time and give us the capacity to focus on other less mundane things.

Wouldn’t you rather be playing with your kids, making things, spending time with people you love, instead of rushing around trying to get everything done when you suddenly remember?

Juggling printed timetables, other peoples schedules, scribbled Post-its and a diary? Keeping everything you need to know, remember and do in one place is another small win against the busyness that fills our lives.

Love Post Its but not when they cover every surface, lose their stickiness through old age and litter the floor with good intentions.

Does the thought of starting up a new system, entering all those appointments, putting that much energy into getting organised fill you with dread? That might be a sign that you really need to!

If you don’t like the built in app for reminders or calendars on your phone get one that you do like. There are some very clever ones that can structure your to-do’s like a game of 3-D chess and there are simple ones that are super easy to use.

So what’s the difference?

Calendars can be used for everything, but our busy lives often demand a separation of quick things to do today (or right now) and things that are coming up or happen often.

Calendars are great for repeating events like:

  • Really Important Stuff: Feed the cat special food morning only (or you KNOW what will happen).
  • Regular Jobs: Fruit and veggie shopping, wine shopping, chocolate shopping.
  • Regular Jobs That You Seem To ALWAYS Forget: Clean the car every fortnight before date night.
  • Fitness Routines: Leg day, arm day, cardio, spin class.
  • Secret Parents Business: Recycle kids art from bottom of old pile.
  • Self care: Waxing, hair, nail, brow appointments.
  • Fun Stuff: Swing Class, Girls Sunday walk, poker night!

Calendars are also perfect for blocking out time slots, and some calendar apps have the capacity to structure several different calendars or events in different colours (how gloriously organised!)

For example:

  • Green: A shared calendar the whole household can use to enter appointments.
  • Orange: Sports practice and games.
  • Purple: Planned nights at home – movie or games nights.
  • Red: Work calendars.
  • Pink: Chore calendars.
  • Yellow: Audition and casting appointments.
  • Blue: Creative sessions for writing, filming, painting, pottery.
  • I’m running out of colours here…

You get the idea.

Go nuts with colour, it makes your calendar look fun and it’s SO much easier to quickly tell the difference between appointment types.

Reminders are great for quick things that will be done and dusted fast but are likely to be pushed out of your brain by All The Other Stuff you have to remember.

Reminder apps are great for prioritising a whole bunch of things that need to get done and they mean your calendar won’t get cluttered up with little appointments.

For example:

  • Throw neighbours balls back over fence before dogs get out (remember the vet bills!).
  • Buy ticket to School Disco (wish I was going, I could do with a good disco).
  • Invite Nanna to dinner on Sunday, ask her to bring a pav with extra cream.
  • Get extra cream just in case.
  • And kiwi fruit.
  • Put jar of nutella in briefcase. A big one.
  • KMART: Get more fluffy socks, hand weights and one of those shelf extender thingys.
  • Eat the kale!

Keeping track of all the things we need and want to do can be difficult, and there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashion pen and paper, instead of, or in addition to calendars and reminders.

If paper works for you, rock on!

The cool thing about apps on your phone is… they beep, chirp, bong, trill and vibrate! Ignore them at your peril! (but it’s totally ok to reschedule, thats The Joy Of Re-Prioritising!)

A virtual assistant or even a real life assistant could just be that step you need to take to make your life so much better. What ever works for you and helps you keep all the strands of your life together is good.

Make use of every possible method to make your life a little bit easier. We all want to have more fun and less stress and less panic about forgotten responsibilities.

Wouldn’t you rather be stroking her tummy with a glass of wine in your hand than running around doing stressful, last minute busy things?

It’s time to make YOU a priority. Your life, but better. Right now.


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