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Is There A Bermuda Triangle In Your Home?!

Socks, pens and plastic lids disappear into their own special little Bermuda Triangle. Or through wormholes into space according to Douglas Adams… But I’m not talking about them.

I’m talking about the black hole that sucks up your time and energy. Every. Single. Day.

Its tentacles reach into every corner around your house and appear in the most unexpected places. It’s in your bathroom, in the cabinet under the sink, in your makeup drawer, in the laundry, in your wardrobe, in the hall cupboard…

(Any sciencey types that want to argue that black holes to not have tentacles… I’m using poetic licence!) Anyway…

It’s often in full force in the kitchen where we spend so much of our time.

So let’s start with the Kitchen Triangle theory. You may have heard of it. It was developed in the early 20th Century and in a nutshell it’s all about the placement of the fridge, sink and oven for maximum work efficiency. (I love this stuff).

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I’m banned from the kitchen space in my tiny apartment when The Cook is in action. The work space is so small and the Triangle so flat that two people can’t work effectively in the space at the same time. (I’m the cleaner-upper.)

Together we’ve worked out the best way to make the space work as efficiently as possible and I often tweak things, big (a whole cupboard) or small (where a thing is kept). Even a small change makes a big difference to how easy it is for The Cook, and The Cleaner-Upper to get stuff done with minimum effort.

Something as simple as keeping the most used oils or pan lids in the cupboard nearest the stove can make cooking just that little bit easier. Keeping snacks out of the pantry can make a huge difference to maintaining a bit of order in there and avoiding people getting in the way in the busiest space in the house.

However… The Kitchen Triangle theory isn’t just for kitchens.

Do you keep your makeup in the smartest possible place for you? Or do you have to dig about in a deep drawer or walk around to various shelves and bags to get all the bits you need?

The quality of your life in your home can be eroded by small inefficiencies and big design problems. It’s not always possible to change the design of a room (or your whole house) but it is possible to make the best of what you have.

You have the power to create your own personal energy harmony with your environment. I’m not going all Woo Woo on you, I’m talking about the stuff you have to do day-in and day-out. Sometimes several times a day. But easier.

Keeping the things you use the most within the easiest reach for you can be life changing. The more spaces you improve the better you’ll feel about your home and the less low grade stress and irritation you’ll feel.

Changing how certain items are housed can minimise annoying little tasks. Look at the container that you put your compost in, or keep your washing powder in. Can you open it easily with one hand and drop veggie bits straight in? Can you open your washing powder (for the third wash of the day) and whack a scoop of powder in the machine without scrabbling about in a plastic bag on the floor?

Cute containers can also become a liability. They look so adorable on the shelf, dear little tins with Really Tight Fitting Lids that no-one can open without a struggle. Or they’re not airtight when they should be so the contents sets like a rock and you have to dig it out with a knife.

Suspect No1. So cute! But maybe not for every day use. Maybe keep your secret cookie stash in it, they’ll be so much harder to get into…

Making certain items easier to access can also make other members of your household more independent. If they don’t need you to reach something down, that’s one less thing you need to do and it might change how they feel as functional members of the family (also they have NO excuse!)

Work with what you’ve already got to start. Install better small scale storage and if you can, remove poor storage. Upgrading an inadequate container system in your bathroom cabinet could mean all those little bottles wont fall over every single time you reach in.

Hang your hair equipment so the cords don’t tangle, get good quality extension cable and hose storage. Store your vacuum in a better space, so it doesn’t Throw Itself All Over The Floor every time you open the cupboard (so dramatic for an inanimate object! It’s the combination of a really bendy hose and the metal pipe bit, diabolical).

Create the smartest, most logical and easiest ways for you to do the everyday tasks around your home, big and small and you’ll notice that you feel happier in your home.

Totally life changing. Seriously.


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