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Is Your Wellbeing Your Top Priority?

Seriously, we need to talk.

Be Kind To Yourself! Our busy lives can be overwhelming!

Mum’s especially. Listen up…

Regardless of whether you work outside the home or not, looking after your family and keeping your house clean and functional is WORK! You deserve to have an environment, systems and equipment that make your job as safe, straightforward and efficient as possible.

You spend hours of your life lovingly caring for those around you.

But this IS your life, right now.

It makes you happy to see your loved ones happy, but you also deserve to be living the best life you can.

Right Now!

You need to prioritise your happiness and wellbeing right now! Not when you move house, not when you get that job, not when the kids start school.


Live your best life, for you. No-one else is going to do it for you. YOU have to make it happen.

It’s time to take action.

If you are reading this you have the time to make a list.

Write down the things that suck up your time, drive you crazy, practical things, routines that don’t work, bad habits, behaviours of those around you, Everything!

For example:

I can’t open the back gate with one hand when I’m carrying the shopping.

Half the hot plates on my stove don’t work.

I’m so desperately tired and I don’t have time to even pick up a book.

My partner thinks I should be able to do everything because I’m at home with the children.

It’s time for you start making changes for the better. Even if you just start with something small, you’ll soon find yourself in Fix-It mode!

Make more time for yourself. You need time to read, study, exercise, socialise.

Find a solution! Find a way!

It might simply be calling your dad around to fix something or getting someone from your community to recommend a trustworthy tradesperson.

Or it might mean starting some real conversations with people whose support you need.

If you need a hand with any aspect of your work or your life, to make it the best life you can live, it’s time to get that help.


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